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Evaluation of physical and clinical variables as prognostic indicator in a horse with intestinal volvulus


Authors : *Gitari Anderson and Vijay S Varma

The Andys Veterinary Hospital


This report presents a case of intestinal volvulus in a 3 year old thoroughbred horse. The horse was diagnosed clinically with severe acute abdominal pain, distended small intestine, right dorsal displacement of the large colon and suspected large colon im erythrocytes count, heamoglobin concentration, hematocrit count, low mean corposal volume (MCV), high mean corposal hemoglobin concentartion (MCHC), increased neutrophili count,high glucose and high lact were observed with torsion of the jejunum without large colon impaction. This case demonstrates the difficulty in making a clinical diagnosis of intestinal torsion in a horse and t results as prognostic indicator in the treatment of colic in horses.

Citation: Gitari Anderson and Vijay S Varma. 2018 . “Evaluation  of physical and clinical  variables as prognostic indicator in a horse with intestinal volvulus”, International Journal of Current Research,10.(02),65527-65529

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