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The Andys Veterinary Hospital is a fully service mixed veterinary hospital in Nairobi, Nanyuki and Mombasa since 2004. We provide highest quality and affordable care with love and compassion being our guidance in the provision of services. We excel in diagnostics and surgery with the seniors veterinarian having postgraduate degrees in medicine and surgery with 7 other experienced veterinary doctors. In addition, there is a doctor on call for 24 hour plus a round the clock nursing care for our hospitalized patients. The clinic has state-of-the-art diagnostic, dental and surgical veterinary care. We employ advanced technologies and procedures which includes digital X-ray, ultrasound and dentistry as well as routine examinations and vaccinations.

Our Services

With better education on the care of your pets’ health, nutrition and environmental management, most pets have greater chance of living much longer and having happier lives. Since pets often conceal their sickness, we strongly recommend bi-annual physical examinations to check for health and management related problems.

Our veterinarians are trained in animal behavior and can help to determine the cause of disorders such as separation anxiety and obsessive behavior and then develop a treatment plan for the pet owner. We have professional trainer for other behavioral needs.

Our team is supported 24/7 by specialty services including laboratory, pharmacy, digital x ray and ultrasound for the critical patients that require the most intensive treatment plans and nursing care. At any time, on any day or night, our emergency care teams are able to consult with doctors and surgeons for best care for your pet.

We provide the best surgical and medical care to animals with surgical conditions using evidence-based medicine.

Our team of veterinary surgeons provides the full range of today’s most advanced surgical services  including Orthopedic surgery and Soft tissue and oncologic surgery

We provide physical rehabilitation which is a non-invasive approach to improve the recovery of patients with both chronic or acute conditions and those recovering from surgery. This helps to speed the recovery period and alleviate pain after an injury or surgery.

Dental care is an essential component of a preventive healthcare plan. We provide quality dental care that will give optimum health and improve quality of life for your pet. Dental diseases if left untreated, are not only painful, but can contribute to other local or systemic diseases. It is always important to have your pet’s teeth cleaned professionally, but many times that is not the primary treatment your pet needs. Many pets have other dental problems that predispose them to an unhealthy mouth. A thorough oral exam allows us to identify tooth malformations, malocclusions (misaligned teeth), gum disease, oral masses, and other diseases that might contribute to your pet’s dental disease.

In addition, Horses have dental arrangement unique to their species that requires regular maintenance and care. We provide preventive dental care, including periodic exams which help to identify potential problems that can lead to tooth loss. Whether it is removal of wolf teeth or performing bite correction in seniors allows your horse greater comfort and longevity.

Our facility and professional faculty and staff examine, diagnose and treat a wide array of equine diseases.

Services offered include:

General care:  Routine vaccinations, preventive health care and nutrition support.

Emergency care: Treatment of colic, lacerations and joint infections.

Internal medicine: We evaluate all types of medical problems in horses like infectious diseases, dystocia, sick foals, exercise intolerance, neurological problems, geriatrics, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

We provide veterinary prescription medicines and you can refill your pet prescription. We offer many unique dosage forms to meet your specific prescription needs which can help to improve your pets’ medication compliance.

 The Andys clinic has veterinarians who provide regular wellness visits with as well as handling all sorts of emergency for the large animal patient. Pet ambulatory Services are available with prior arrangement with the clinic.

Our ambulatory veterinarians have access to our in-hospital equipment and resources including on site pharmacy and laboratory service.

We help to organize pet and equine travel documents to enable them to travel to all parts of the world.

We take blood samples to international laboratories which carries out tests like rabies serology as part of the necessary mandatory tests needed before your pet can travel to some parts of the world.

We have collaborated with travel agents and aviation consultants to help relocate your pet and horses safely all around the world.

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